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Saturday 24 March 2018

Top 5 Virtual Player For PC

Top 5 Virtual Player For PC

Top 5 Virtual Player For PC

Expecting your machine touts the capacities, natural programming permits you to copy your sought OS inside another, permitting you to run two working frameworks nearby each other on a solitary machine.

Why we need Virtual Player For PC when we have so many options available? What are the Benefits of Virtual For PC? Are you looking for the Best Virtual Player For PC? Here you will get the Top 5 Virtual Player For PC each with download link so you can easily get it.

Before going to downloading process, let us see a short introduction about what is Virtual Player.

What is Virtual Player?

Sometimes you will feel to use linux instead of windows without removing existing system in order to use both the system simultaneously we can use Virtual Machine.

Virtual Machine is basically an operating system or we can say that it is an environment through which we can use another operating system on the same device.

Let us see which are the Top 5 Best Virtual Player For PC available for us. Below is the list of Virtual Players.

  1. Virtual Box

Virtual Box is one of the famous and considered as the best Virtual Machine which you can use to run or alter two different operating system at once.

Virtual Box is free of cost and it runs on all the major platforms without having any technical issues.

Virtual Box provides the services of virtualization in 3D, using multi-screen at same time and many more amazing functionalities.


  1. VMware

VMware is one of the oldest in the list of Virtual Machine as it was developed in 1998, which has three different versions.

  • VMware Workstation à The cost for this is $250.
  • VMware Fusionà It will cost you $80.
  • Vmware Workstation Playerà Free of cost.

It is bascally developed for professionals who want to work on multiple applications on different operating systems simaultaneously.


  1. Parallels Desktop 11

Parallel Desktop 11 is available for $80, providing the compatilibity with OS E Xi through which you can work on Windows 7, Windows 8 and 10. They will work as a guest operating system, so it will become easy for you to complete multiple task in less time.

The installation steps for Paralleles Desktop 11 is quite simple, you just need to follow the steps as guided in the process.


  1. QEMU

QEMU is a free of cost virtual machine. You can work on linux and windows at the same time. QEMU stands for Quick Emulator,which provides a customizable virtual machine for linux users.

You must have the knowledge of command prompt for completing the process of QEMU installation.


5.Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a virtual machine developed by Apple company, it is compatible with all the MACs operating system and because of this Boot Camp, users can use OS X as well as Windows at same time.


So , listed above are the Top 5 Virtual Player For PC which users search for.


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