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Saturday 24 March 2018

How to Download Remix OS

Remix OS for PC

Are you willing to download an operating system? Today we are going to discuss about How To Download Remix OS and which steps you need to follow for this process.

Downloading OS is not an easy task as you require a good internet connection without it you will face many problems. Follow the steps carefully and you will complete the process in less time.


What is Remix OS?

Developed by Jide, Remix OS is a version of Android, it is an operating system which you can install. What this operating system contains is some amazing features of Android which will attract people towards it functionalities.

The current version of Remix OS is available for windows and MAC users. You can install it on windows XP/7/8/10 very easily and also on all the versions of MAC as well.

Remix OS also contains some applications installed from the 3rd party which you can use after getting comfortable with the operating system.

Let us see what are the feedbacks we got from those who used Remix OS.


Review of Remix OS?

Reasons because of which people are loving the Remix Operating System on their devices.


  • Remix OS was gotten from Android-x86, an open-source extend that permits Android to work on general PC equipment.
  • Remix OS gives a framework to windowing that makes the working framework a great deal more instinctive.
  • You will appreciate running this product on your PC. You can likewise put Remix OS onto a USB drive and boot it up in a hurry.
  • The USB drive even takes into account the sparing of your own settings and documents.
  • You can think about the USB drive Remix OS as a Linux live arrangement of sorts.



  • You will find a menubar which is similar as the taskbar we have in Windows operating system.
  • On the left side of the Remix OS, you will find a logo of Jide, the developer of this particular OS. You can click on “start menu” from there also.
  • You will find all the important folders and application which you use on regular basis on desktop.
  • It is little bit similar as MAC OS X operationg system.


Steps To Download Remix OS ON PC.

Talking about the downloading steps, I am giving below a link from where you can continue of the installation steps of Remix OS.

As mentioned above you just need a good internet connection for this procedure only then you can do it without facing any kind of interference. Otherwise the process will be interrupted.

In this link you will find the download versions for different systems. You can Download Remix OS  as per your system requirements.

Install Remix OS On PC and start using it. Enjoy it’s features and unique functionalities which you may not find in other perating systems. Sooner the updated version of Remix OS will hit the technology world so you will be notified when it will come with the update.


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